The lay-out of the exhibition
The exhibition consists of ten themes. You will find two of them immediately at the entry on the left side of the globe. By walking into the room via the central aisle, you will pass the regions the VOC was active in on your left and on your right.
Along and behind the rail that encloses the exhibition room, you will find documents and objects on the thrilling voyages of discovery and on life aboard the VOC-ships.

How do I use this app?
This tablet offers you the details on and the stories behind all the objects on exhibition.
Via the menu (the horizontal lines) at the top right of the screen you can make a choice between:
1.) the highlights: this route will take you along the most special objects of the exhibition, approximately within an hour.
2.) the full route.
3.) a different perspective: this route will offer you a different view on 20 objects in the exhibition in approximately 45 minutes.

If you prefer to choose your own route, go to the menu and make a choice for Index. Then click the number of the object you want to know more about.

Do you need help? Please ask one of the hosts or hostesses.

Enjoy your visit!